Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Daddy has come and gone ): #lesad And mum has gone and come back. #lehappy And I got perfumes both times HOHOHOHO. L'Eau de Chloé from daddy & Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh from mummy! But I have to pay them back so money flies away):

I know I've neglected this space so, so, so bad but school is an absolute nightmare of stress. And I'm really worried for some of my friends ): I want all of us to graduate together and do well!!! DMAT must stick together!

I've got new hobby^^ I am in love with DIY! Seriously, it's addicting to just sit down and make pretty rings and things. I actually made some stuff for Mangai & Teresa's birthday, which I have not passed to them yet. I have pictures but will only upload 'em once I gift them! But here's a picture off instagram of some of the little dainty rings I made! I love dainty rings they are so, so gorgeous. I've got a tonne more projects lined up and I'm excited to start on them.... once I have time.

x Transparent Box Clutch
I've seen these selling for like $30 bucks but why buy when you can DIY!
x Chainmail Necklace
x Vintage Fabric Clutch

...and a whole horde of stuff, especially those off Honestly...WTF because that site seriously has some of the prettiest DIYs ever. So I'm off to bed, need to rest before school tomorrow. And after that, it's time for me to stock up on my DIY stuff!^^

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