Saturday, June 15, 2013

{the daily grind}

Can't believing I'm blogging again! I guess my mojo is back! For now, at least. I'll post up some graduation pictures in the next post so you can if you don't want to read about my first week as a working girl. I won't mind if all you want to do is stare at my face (;

9-6, 5 days a week, I-actually-have-a-stable-job girl. I mean, nothing is set in stone and like I said previously, I might really monumentally screw up. I might not be good at doing what I've been hired to do. And there's a lot of pressure that I'm trying to process. My job is important and will really affect the business of the company. It's not rocket science, but it's also not say... licking envelopes. There's a certain way to do it well, and I don't think I've fully grasped it yet.

Still, it's just the first week. I shan't judge myself to harshly.

I do love that I have my own desk & cubicle. After a month or so, I'll probably start to truly personalize it with pictures and colors and every thing that I love. I need to get some washi tape and pretty organizers. I also have a plan to get a big metal tray, paint the flat part of it with chalkboard paint and make it my own personal blackboard for daily inspiration, to do lists, etc etc.

I wanted some pretty binder clips (gotta clamp them on my desk to hold my cables) but I couldn't find those that came in nice colors in the largest size. So I got home, searched for my old stash of washi tape, failed, and used some nail polish to paint a few of them. I don't use those colors so often so I decided the sacrifice was worth it. Besides, I have 10 fingers and 20 toes and even if I paint each digit a different color every week, I still wouldn't run out of polish. Okay, maybe in 10 years or so.

The people are pretty nice. It's a small company, so the office is really nice and cosy, I love it. I love small offices where you can really get to know each other. You could work in a huge corporation for years and never meet anyone outside of your floor. Heck, you could know only the people in the surrounding cubicles. But yes, it's only been a week. I don't want to get too excited. A bit too late eh.

But really, I'm honestly so excited to decorate my cubicle!!! Gonna try to stock up on my nuts & sour candy for energy and wake up boosts too. Nuts, candy, vintage metal tray as a chalkboard, glitter binder clips, mini washi tape bunting all around and framed inspirational typography. And pictures. Of my cats. HAHA. And everyone I love, I guess. I suppose I could squeeze them in.

Going to abruptly end here as I'm sleepy and I've got a loooong day tomorrow. Goodnight! x

Saturday, June 8, 2013



It's been waaay too long! I haven't had any blogging mojo for awhile ): So I decided to attempt to get it back by forcing myself to blog. Under threat of not letting myself poop until I'm done. So far, working, no? I shall make it quick though, gotta get ready for Steamboat dinner with Jeff & Weeshiang! Been awhile since I've seen Weeshiang. Sadly, YS couldn't make it ): It's the St Gabe's gang!


Seriously, been craving it for the longest time. Can't wait for my pork + beef + ENOKI MUSHROOMS. OMG enoki mushrooms *drools*

So, I finally got a full time job! Yes, finally. I quit Resolution @ Clarke Quay because I wasn't willing to work for a boss with such huge money issues. Please don't work there ): Yes, it was good pay to sit there and man a shop that's almost always empty. But so not worth it anymore. But must go back and have BKT with Kat soon.

I also quit another job I had for a month or so at this cosmetic shop. They sent me to BHG @ Tampines. God that was far. Also, the money wasn't so good, especially to stand for almost 9 hours. I felt bad quitting because they were -and still are- so nice ): They keep asking me to come back. #lesigh #guilty #whyamihastaggingonablog

For now my lips are zipped on the new full time job. I'll be there at least 3 months (unless I monumentally screw up) and who knows? If I do well I could be there longer. I'm under A LOT of pressure to do well and I really want to. It really seems like this job is just up my alley but then again, wishful thinking eh? But it's an amazing opportunity and I really want to be good at it. I want to prove to everyone and myself that I can do this. But it's not going to be easy.

Also, I'm swamped doing some freelance music stuff ): It's gonna be a hectic month. Wish me luck. #goodlucktome #yesanotherhashtag #imhipok #okstoppingnow #photospamnow #butitsatinyone #sorry #notreally


 photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg 

Helped out Phish at a recent Pernod Ricard event and invited some friends to enjoy the food & drinks, plus my awesome company obvs // Part of the Absolut exhibition and I must say I edited that photo to perfection

 photo 7.jpg photo 5.jpg

Failed at making Rice Krispie Treats with M&Ms so it became Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats. // Mama's sudden surge of at home gourmet meals. Dijon Honey Mustard Lamb!

 photo 8.jpg photo 9.jpg

My #2 favorite boy whom I adore to pieces // My #3 favorite boy who worships me

 photo 6.jpg photo 1.jpg

Happy graduation to Q, with Iylia! Sadly the only ceremony I was able to make it to ): // And of course, #1 favorite boy who doesn't worship me and whom I don't adore (;


Graduation pictures soon! Time to poop yaaaaa'lllll.

Friday, March 15, 2013

{what comes next}


Okay technically graduation hasn't come yet, but since Gradshow is done (finally!), I'm pretty much a graduate. This is all so scary, it's happening way too fast. I can still remember orientation. I can still remember meeting my class, struggling in bloody Math & Physics (still wondering how I managed to get B+ for both), playing Regina Spektor for Performance. And the gathering for Jordan's farewell. And the short stint with Pixel Apartment D: And this is only year 1!

Year 2 we changed classes and I made new friends. I got closer to Zie then, and the three idiots were formed; Lionel, Zie & I. My two bestest dmat friends. Of course, everyone in DMAT is awesome. We're like this huge, huge family. I can pretty much hang out comfortably with everyone, that's the best part of these past 3 years. Excluding RJ, of course. We started out as friends, and now, I can't imagine my life without him. I love this boy so much (;

Time really has passed so fast. I don't want to leave these awesome people. I don't want them to go to army ): No actually I do want them to go to army so I can see them in those uniforms heheheheheheheheheheheh OKAY CALM DOWN SARAH. Seriously though, RJ in an army uniform holy-

Oh, hi there. Hahaha. But anyway, it's time for a new chapter in life, and I want to hold on to these people. Still, I don't really feel I had my chance to shine. Maybe it just isn't my place. Just gotta figure out where I'm meant to be I suppose. But for now, I'm gonna party party party with these awesome people. After party 4 anyone?! We already had 1, 2 and 3 haha.

 photo ZieampI.jpg photo WeiliangampI.jpg

The amazing Zie & I! <3 / My fangirl moment with Slash

 photo VS.jpg photo TimRampI.jpg

Victoria Street Polaroid! / Tim R. & I! Seriously that face hahahah.

 photo TheThreeIdiots.jpg photo ShafieampI.jpg

The three idiots / Creepy Shafie!

 photo RobinampI.jpg photo RJampI.jpg

Robin and my weird wavy hair thing / RJ<3

 photo MeampMindy.jpg photo MeampGeoff.jpg

Mindy! Macaron tea party soon! / Geoff who is actually much taller than me ):

 photo MarcusampMe.jpg photo KhidirampI.jpg

 Balloon boy / Khidir! His eyes?!

 photo JoshSlashDarren.jpg photo GroupShot.jpg

Random fanboys with Slash / Random group photo

 photo GeraldampI.jpg photo EMCEES.jpg

Gerald & I. He's a lecturer, though he doesn't look it haha / My favorite co-emcee Lionel!!!!

 photo DebampMe.jpg photo CashDomampI.jpg

The other awesome loud hungry IJ girl / My two favorite boyband boys!

 photo BV.jpg photo MayceyampMe.jpg

3/4 of the BV team! / The gorgeous Maycey and I!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



I'm gonna miss DMAT so much ):

But excuse me while I go and party tonight!!!!! OH YEAH.

Anyway, since I have nothing else to say, I thought I'd share the three songs that have been on repeat every night, helping me to sleep when I'm dying from stress. I love how they're all so different but so relaxing.