Thursday, March 8, 2012

{this virtual reality}

Decided to do a photo post because... well, because I want to! Holidays have been spent playing Draw Something, Scramble With Friends, eating, shopping and then scrounging up money from the pits of hell just to pay for things, eating, GONG CHA!!!, eating, reading my dramione fanfics (hurhur no judging), reading, writing songs, attempting covers (got a new one coming up soon!!!), eating, catching up with friends, EATING. And to my dismay, I think I had bad sushi earlier ): Been in and out of the toilet the whole night. So I can't go help out at gradshow tomorrow ):

That was a very weird paragraph. God, I need a job so bad ): Anyone got any lobang? I applied at The Wallet Shop at J8 cause I'm lazy ttm and emailed Gelare's cause they were looking for staff at Suntec. Cross fingers!! Okay on to the photos. Oh yes, I cam-whored. So expect photos of me!!!! Which I know you all miss (;



Spent an hour or so with this little cutie the other day and she made me draw a carebear!! Haha. I think I named mine Lucy or something. AND MINE IS THE TOP CAREBEAR OKAY HAH SO NICE RIGHT SERIOUSLY. Why I got C6 for Art, I will never know. OKAY I KID, I KID.


Made honeycomb with Zie & Christina a few nights ago, and look at my pretty silver hearts!! I did that with a bobby pin, oh yes I did.


Caught up with Sam last week and yes, we ate a whole lot. But it was awesome fun to spend time with him again after ages!!!


Fail lorr, this boy. Fry egg also cannot. The top egg was supposed to be my egg, he supposed to fry for me. But nup, fail. So I fried that that beautiful specimen for me ^^


My first polaroid with the gorgeous Luhong <3 love her so much hehe so happy to have met up with her & Darren the retard for Popeye's :D And that was after our gig as 'Sarah and the Boys' hahaha. Inspired by Maycey haha. It was real fun!!! Except for the creepy drunk guy ): I still can't believe I let him hold for my hand for... "I wanna hold your hand".


I didn't upload all the camwhore photos horr!! You're lucky! Ren Jie is totally in love with the black & white one, and who can blame him! HAHAHAH OH GOD. I can't believe I just typed that! -slaps self- But eh, not bad lah right.

Oh I wanna say hi to the girl who left me a note on formspring!!! Hi!!! ^^ Come say hi again!!(: She's so nice hehe.

I think I'm pretty content right now. I mean, obviously some killer good lucks, virtuosic talent and never ending supply of money would be great but, eh. I'm actually just pretty happy I'm starting to do covers and stuff now. I never had the self confidence to post any up before but I decided, HEY WHY THE HELL NOT. And I'm excited for my next one woooooo!

If you haven't heard the first one, here it is!

You can check out my originals there too ^^ Like on the link, to your right. Sounds? yeap that's it! At least I'm being productive these holidays. Now I really really just need a job ): Clio is home and better now thanks for all your concern (: She's been sleeping a lot so thats excellent! Gambit & Gizmo are pretty happy to have her back SHO SHWEET.

Can't wait for dinner with Kenneth on Friday, epic Gradshow on Saturday, meeting RJ's friends on Tuesday quite scared leh HAHA. Oh, and shout out to ma gurlz for giving me for my first pandora bracelet!!!! Probably my one and only, right? haha! I LOVE IT SO MUCH YOU GAISEEEE!!! LOVE YOU ALL!! <3 Just waiting to get some charms. -looks at boyfriend.


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