Thursday, March 15, 2012

{give me a reason}

He think's there's nothing left to prove.
Says 'I'll always come running back to you.'
Tells me to stay every single time he strays,
But I pray that one day I can say:

'Give me a reason to stay, and decay.
Give me a reason, make it count then I'll walk out.'

Just words from my latest song. I like it, because it's different from my other songs. A little darker, actually. And it flowed out pretty easily, just like my other favorite song, Stay/Linger. But some part of me still doesn't like my own songs, MEH. That's normal, right? Just prefer these two to the others.

Demo out soon once Nigel records the backups & solo ^^ Thanks Nigel! I guess I wrote this because I was just so fed up with certain things. But don't take it so literally, I twisted things to make it into a workable song. But maybe it hits a little closer to home than I intended it to.

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