Monday, March 5, 2012

{be okay}

On the way home from the vet now. Clio fell out the window, down 6 storeys. Not to mention it was the kitchen window, so she went through clothes poles. Broke her paw, minor damage to the mouth. Going for x-ray now cause... quite a big possibility that she has blood in her lungs from the cut in her nose. Also, lung damage.

I don't want her to suffer, but I don't want to let go. She's so beautiful and precious and wonderful. I love you Clio, please be okay ):



After the x-ray results, found out she has a completely dislocated bone in her leg, two fingers broken, 2 parts of her vertebrae broken off ): And fluid in her lungs ): As of now, her dislocation has been reduced. We actually transferred her to a second vet to get a second opinion, because the first vet said that the leg couldn't be healed and had to do an op to use pins to fix. Second vet said to try first because she's young and may heal. If not, after that operation can.

Broken vertebrae is alright for now, as long as it doesn't affect her organs or movements etc. Fluid has been reduced by quite a bit. Thank god. It looks pretty good right now. And she can come home tomorrow. I'm so excited for that right now.

Thanks everybody for all your concern <3

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