Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{if you say so}


While I didn't do terribly bad, I'm not exactly happy. I feel like I could have done a whole lot better. Mainly I'm just depressed I didn't get A for songwriting =/ -slapsself. I guess... Songwriting is very subjective and not something that can technically be graded. Unless it's this:


Bwahahahaha. Let me cheer myself up kkkk. My cumulative GPA dropped a little bit, I suppose not enough to be terribly significant but up is better than down. Proud of RJ cause he did really well ^^ And he wasn't expecting it, but aiyooo so smart sure A. Plus he got distinction for theory & A for maths. Hahah my maths & theory man lol.




Why we so cute. Hehehehe. Anyway check out my new demo if you haven't yet ^^ It isn't about anything specific in my life, just some angst that happened to pour out. It's basically about a relationship where the guy is an absolute douche, cheating on the girl over and over, but finally she gets the strength to say buhbye now. Click on the link for the lyrics. Thanks to Nigel for helping out with the guitar solo & back up vocals ^^ I like my ending, something different.

Sigh just been feeling so down these last couple of days. I hope I get out of this rut soon.

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