Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{my boyfriend is more vain than me}


Anyway yes, look at this cam-whoring Ren Jie. Okay, technically it's for our Student Council Board, and I cam-whored more than him (oi, I'm a g i r l) but I managed to decide on my photo on my own! He sent these to me and made me choose the one I liked best. I can't stop laughing at the last photo hahahha he looks like he's gonna eat us!

Look at me now! Look at me now!

Quite ugly actually. Meh. But I look confident and trustworthy mwahaha. Dmat people are gonna look at this and say, 'Ah! We are in good hands with Secretary Sarah!' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. -slaps self. I don't like how I look actually but whateverrrr. Okay, maybe I look psychotic.

Here's a picture of a puppy to distract you. You would vote for the puppy wouldn't you?

VOTE FOR PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! Aiyo so cute, buay tahan.

Met Ziling & Elinor (RJ's friends) today for the first time! Not as awkward as I thought it would be, and I had fun!! Why are they so pretty I cannot stand it ): -inferior- But got lots of ammunition information against RJ. -rubs hands together maliciously. Actually, the purpose was for them to help me finish my package at browhaus, SO ALL YOU CAVEWOMEN LOVELY LADIES WHO NEED TO DO YOUR BROWS OR UPPER LIP, CALL ME! CHEAPER WITH MY PACKAGE!!

Meeting Ruth tomorrow! And yes I'm excited it's always fun with her (:(:(:(: Meeting Lionel after that and sorry Ruth, but I'm more excited to meet him!!!!! Cause... I haven't seen him since school finished boo ): He's getting his secret birthday present from me (:

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