Monday, October 17, 2011

{the one the first}


Part one at the beach! This was after the Amazing Race I put him through with my girls + Jonjon. He had to do a series of tasks to get the next clue to find me. With every challenge completed, he got a little gift from me (: Stuff I know he loves! Seasons Ice Lemon Tea, Blueberry Muffins & Chocolate Covered Raisins. I cooked dinner & baked sausage rolls okay, so he had a huge reward waiting for him at Sentosa. And a little black book of secret stuff I wrote to him hehe.

Why Sentosa? Cause that's where we got together officially!

And the color contrast of his tan looks damn funny hahahaha, especially in the first two 'Sarah Camwhores' photos. But it's not that bad, it's just the lighting. Rather, the lack of it. And I made him do that trying-to-be-sexy pose hahahahahaha. Fake abs!!!!!

Thanks girls + Jonjon for helping me out (:(:(:(:(: Dinner on me soon okay! <3<3


Part 2, lunch in town (: So sweet right ahhh (': Feel like I didn't do enough for him! He got so many nice things for me!!! I love Gerbera Daisies, they're my favorite flower! So happy and colorful. Love you so muchhhh!!!!! Bear bear so cute ^^ He got these two hearts as well, so cute cause they have a magnet behind them so can attach together hehe. He should keep one, right! So it's like he has my heart and I have his hahaha.

I know his chin looks demented in the third polaroid, but it's the bears leg hahaha. And that card has an english and chinese letter inside so I have to go.... learn the chinese. Pui ah. LOL. Aiyo, I just looked at the photos again, handsome leh my boy-man hahahaha.


Look! Bonus ugly photo of me piggyback carrying RJ! Although I think it's more miraculous that he can carry me (points to photo up above) because I look like I ate two of him LOL. Yes, I'm carrying him. Yes, I can. For a few seconds. I look so different with and without make up ): Flawless skin, where you gooo!!

All in all, was really awesome weekend and a wonderful anniversary. I love this boy-man to pieces (: Many more years to come okay!!!

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