Friday, March 15, 2013

{what comes next}


Okay technically graduation hasn't come yet, but since Gradshow is done (finally!), I'm pretty much a graduate. This is all so scary, it's happening way too fast. I can still remember orientation. I can still remember meeting my class, struggling in bloody Math & Physics (still wondering how I managed to get B+ for both), playing Regina Spektor for Performance. And the gathering for Jordan's farewell. And the short stint with Pixel Apartment D: And this is only year 1!

Year 2 we changed classes and I made new friends. I got closer to Zie then, and the three idiots were formed; Lionel, Zie & I. My two bestest dmat friends. Of course, everyone in DMAT is awesome. We're like this huge, huge family. I can pretty much hang out comfortably with everyone, that's the best part of these past 3 years. Excluding RJ, of course. We started out as friends, and now, I can't imagine my life without him. I love this boy so much (;

Time really has passed so fast. I don't want to leave these awesome people. I don't want them to go to army ): No actually I do want them to go to army so I can see them in those uniforms heheheheheheheheheheheh OKAY CALM DOWN SARAH. Seriously though, RJ in an army uniform holy-

Oh, hi there. Hahaha. But anyway, it's time for a new chapter in life, and I want to hold on to these people. Still, I don't really feel I had my chance to shine. Maybe it just isn't my place. Just gotta figure out where I'm meant to be I suppose. But for now, I'm gonna party party party with these awesome people. After party 4 anyone?! We already had 1, 2 and 3 haha.

 photo ZieampI.jpg photo WeiliangampI.jpg

The amazing Zie & I! <3 / My fangirl moment with Slash

 photo VS.jpg photo TimRampI.jpg

Victoria Street Polaroid! / Tim R. & I! Seriously that face hahahah.

 photo TheThreeIdiots.jpg photo ShafieampI.jpg

The three idiots / Creepy Shafie!

 photo RobinampI.jpg photo RJampI.jpg

Robin and my weird wavy hair thing / RJ<3

 photo MeampMindy.jpg photo MeampGeoff.jpg

Mindy! Macaron tea party soon! / Geoff who is actually much taller than me ):

 photo MarcusampMe.jpg photo KhidirampI.jpg

 Balloon boy / Khidir! His eyes?!

 photo JoshSlashDarren.jpg photo GroupShot.jpg

Random fanboys with Slash / Random group photo

 photo GeraldampI.jpg photo EMCEES.jpg

Gerald & I. He's a lecturer, though he doesn't look it haha / My favorite co-emcee Lionel!!!!

 photo DebampMe.jpg photo CashDomampI.jpg

The other awesome loud hungry IJ girl / My two favorite boyband boys!

 photo BV.jpg photo MayceyampMe.jpg

3/4 of the BV team! / The gorgeous Maycey and I!

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