Sunday, October 21, 2012

{the innocent insanity}

Hello, you beautiful specimen of man flesh.

Okay, so I actually just came here to say one thing:


But I shall stay and say more, just cause I'm bored. Desperately trying to quell the urge to run out and spend it all. So far... alright. Made a deal with myself that if I'm going to buy anything expensive (YSL Touché éclat I am SO coming for you), I'll earn the money first. Decided to go back to Resolution (internship place) because the pay is better than Salted Caramel. Not to mention the fact that I can actually do my own work there.

Going to work there with Deborah oh yeaaah. So I can have allies to counter the Mars Attack. Gonna settle pay and work hours tomorrow oh hohoho. I'm already missing the BKT there ): And I'm already missing Salted Caramel though ): Everyone there was so nice and fun to work with.

First week of school is over and I already missed two classes ugh. I'm terrible. Worried for my grades and for my assignments ): How are we gonna do all of this in such a short period of time!!!! And I haven't even had my USS trip yet cause we were late and it was way too crowded.

But so far so good. Looking forward to graduating and having time to not worry about so many things and just chill. Yet I don't want to graduate because who wants to leave the awesome classmates that I have?! Plus, where in the hell am I going after this I just don't knowwwww!

Brunch @ Marmalade Pantry with Jeff tomorrow yay, can't wait to see my newly buff-er & balder best friend!!! Hope I can resist spending again. Ion is like my shopping heaven, oy.

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