Friday, November 23, 2012

{fire & brimstone}

LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE BOTH SO BLOODY GORGEOUS AND THEY LOOK SO SO SO SIMILAR. Apparently I have very uh, particular taste in obsessions hot guys.


I am so lazy to go and change the profile *glares* Cause I have to remember the font names etc etc so NOPE. Forget it. I shall forever be 19 on this blog. And NO, it is not because I want to stay a teen forever. Nope, not at all. I asked Tom Felton for a wish and he didn't wish me )''''''': *heart shatters*

But that's okay because:

Yep. He's going to take one look at me and fall head over heels in love. And he'll spend the rest of my birthdays with me. But I'll make him work for it. I'll do the hard to get thing. Like 'Oh! You look familiar? Oh yes, you played Draco Malfoy! Let me get a picture with you for my friend, she loves you!' I won't do that whole tacky OMGOMG TOM I LUV U MARRY ME thing.

Oh who am I kidding! I'll probably piss my pants and fall in a dead faint.

So it was an uneventful birthday this year. Nothing really big, though I did have a surprise lunch! ^^ I was having lunch with RJ and Qarissa & Iylia came to surprise me yay! <3<3 It was funny cause RJ had me believing that he hadn't planned anything and I was feeling kinda say. But yay! I haven't gotten my present from him yet because we're gonna shop for it together! I'm bringing him to Chanel. No seriously. Chanel. Cosmetics.

Talking about Cosmetics I'm reminded of how my mum loves to kidnap my blusher. And this is the blusher that I saved up for. In fact, one day she said:
'Hey Sarah, I like your blusher. It's very pretty.' I don't even have time to nod or respond when she continues: 'Can I have it?'


Hey mum! I like your Bank Account. Can I have it? Sigh. She has now taken permanent possession of it, and it lies in her drawer. I get visiting rights every now and then. Is it a bit sad that she raids my make up stash instead of the other way around? Haha!

So anyway, a lot of things have been put on hold because of assignments and stuff. I can whine about this the whole day but I'll just shush and actually go and do my work, sigh.

My grandma on my Dad's side passed away a month or so ago and it was kinda tough for awhile. I was never exceptionally close to her, but I have beautiful memories of her and they all came rushing back. Like how she taught me the Guardian Angel Prayer to say every night. I've recently restarted that habit. Or how she didn't let my dad cane me even though I knew I deserved it. And her habit of sneaking candy into her room, her love for Marks & Spencer Toffees, how she watched Days of our Lives everyday, and her long prayers every morning.

And she knitted. I now have 3 pairs of handmade little booties from my grandma, for my future kids. They aren't even born yet (or barely even a thought really) and already they are so, so loved. The booties are the most adorable things ever, honestly. All of the grandchildren have them, and apparently I have my own pair somewhere.

She was in her 90s when she passed on, and Dementia only started to set in when she hit her late 80s, I think, so she's really had a great life. She got to see her great grand children. My little nephews and nieces. She was already pretty old when I came into the world, but the whole family loves her exceptionally. I have stories from my dad and older cousins about her. She was really absolutely wonderful. And I hope she's happily reunited with my grandpa(:

I shall end this long post here, and get back to doing POD. I finally handed in REMT but I don't feel the relief.

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