Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{skinny fall}


Maison Martin Margiela Ring, Anya Hindmarch Marano Clutch, Belle Noel Necklace, Nué Notes Sweater, Rebecca Taylor Leather Skirt, Wetseal Wrap Watch, Hellraiser Spike Loafers.

Because of my extremely capable child bearing hips, very strong thighs and the blubber filled stomach that keeps me warm, I can't wear that gorgeous skirt ): I guess I'd substitute it with great dark jeans. Maybe even a knee length version of the skirt. But either it wouldn't look as stunning on me as I would like. Still, gorgeous stuff. Especially the ring, I absolutely adore Margiela accessories.

Spent the day at work finishing up the last THREE super heavy things in the stock take. -glares at Mars. Yes, I'm referring to the bloody planet. Specifically:


No, I don't hope that happens to him. Well, not really, anyway.

I spent the rest of the day revamping this blog, coming up with the new color scheme and searching for fonts. And I'm so annoyed that I can't use google web api fonts here ): It's just not working ): Internship is ending soon (FINALLY) and I'm not really that sad to go? Looking forward to school, just not the early mornings #sigh. Please let bossJeffrey give Kat & I our pay. -goes down on knees- I've spent wayy too much money already.

Looking forward to the weekend cause celebrating our anniversary with RJ ^^ We're going to USS!!! So exciting! I haven't gone yet sucha deprived kid.

Time to go fix my necklaces, read my James Potter book 3, and get some sleep! Long day tomorrow doing absolutely nothing at work.

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