Friday, May 4, 2012


"Hi! Welcome to Salted Caramel! How may I help you?"

Now that the trial period is over, I can finally say it without a jinx! I'M WORKING AT SALTED CARAMEL!!!! And I'm really loving it here. It's hard work, of course, but I'm really having an awesome time. Everyone's so fun and nice, and I'm so happy I can click with them yaaay! Best of all, ICE CREAM!!! I'm lucky boss lady likes me too, haha. (....I think?)

Funny though, Udders just opened right next door, and the big boss came over to invite my boss lady to try their pancakes, because he's still perfecting the recipe for the new menu. And I.... tagged along hahaha. They were pretty nice!!! With a lovely dijon mustard glazed chicken, and a sauce. I lurrrveddd the chicken.

So anyway, I just wanted to say this and just get away from POD for awhile ): So it's time to do work! Have a great week everybody! Come visit me okay!!

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