Saturday, February 25, 2012

{to bigger things}

YEAR TWO IS OVER. I can't believe it!!! Then it's Year 3 then POD then Grad Show and no more everybody):):):): GAH. Okay I know I'm thinking a little too far ahead but I really don't want to leave this awesome course with the even more awesome people. I want to relive everything again. What on earth am I going to be doing 2 years from now? I'm so scared thinking of it! There's so many things I want to do!

K, calm yo tits Sarah.






I'm glad assignments & exams are over, but I'm really missing all the internship people especially Lionel & Spencer, who got to go to San Fran, those lucky boys! And my darling RJ! )''''': Why does he have to do internship when I don't ): And we haven't flown our lanterns yet!

It's been a pretty exciting first week of holidays so far. Chionged songwriting on Monday & Tuesday (late submissions for the first time ):) Baking cookies with Deborah, Zie & Tim! Also Darwin, Darren & Mindy showed up after then we went BluJaz to hear Deborah sing real awesomely ^^ Then Thursday was spent moaning in pain and at the doctor's with my terrible terrible eye infection ):

It's gross, I had huge lump of pus on the top inner eyelid and a sore leaking pus on the bottom inner eyelid. Even the doctor said it was strange and very painful. It's better now, and the bottom one is almost gone. Still leaking pus though, yuck. I've been waking up with my eyelids crusted together with dried up pus and it's mother cheesecake pain to open. Not to mention fucking disgusting.

I suspect it's from my new Maybelline HyperSharp eyeliner. Le sigh. I love that thing but now... SO DON'T USE IT OKAY. DON'T USE IT! Into the bin it goes.

Can't wait for shopping with my fave boy tmr ^^ Also, ice cream with Robin and gang-who-can-come on Sunday yay!

And yes. This awesome gif of Lionel I made, from our webcam sessions haha.

how to make gif

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