Saturday, January 7, 2012

{it came too fast}

I'm going to be 20 this year. Oh yes. Two. Zero. Twenty. No more -teen. No more 1 for my first digit. Twenty. TWENTY. 20202020202020. I know its one step closer to 21 but can we just skip 20 and go straight there? ): GAH. I can't believe it!

On a plus side, boyfriend will be 20 um... 8 months before me :D So I can say "Yeah I'm 19 my boyfriend's 20!" HAHAHAHA. Can't wait to do that when he goes army

Anyway Happy New Year!!!! 2012's been alright so far, hope it's pretty darn awesome for you guys (: I don't have very many photos to photo spam with ): But anyway I'm just going to post about all the things I'm real thankful for this year (:

Photobucket Family. Of course. Without them, nothing. It's definitely hard without daddy here ): (On a sidenote, he's coming back Monday!!!) and mum & I have locked horns a bit more this year but the love of a family will never die. Ryan, we've grown closer this year, as we do every year, and we still fight but he's my brother. I will defend to the ends of the earth.

This wonderful, wonderful, wonderful boy. We hit our first year (official & unofficial. complicated shit.  don't ask.) this year, even though we probably have our differences I really love him so much and I cannot imagine my life without him. I can barely picture the times when he wasn't around! He makes me laugh and he makes me smile and yes, he makes me cry but love makes it through it all (:

Photobucket MA GUUUURLLLZZZZ. WHAT UP CUTIEZZZ. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, I'm so overjoyed that our friendship has lasted and even GROWN since secondary school. I don't know how we did but we've become so close and they've helped me through all my tough times, been there to scoop up the pieces and let me whine like the idiot I can. Each of them are such amazing, beautiful and I can't even... (':


PhotobucketPhotobucket Band 1! The old one and the new one. I love performing with these amazingly talented people and I love practices with them (: So fun! I'm a pretty weak musician compared to them but I shall strive to be better and more deserving of them (: And also bond more!

Photobucket Maycey! And the other people like Cindy, Nigel, Luhong, Deborah and more! I don't have a group picture with them sadly ): All cause of Maycey, they are my newer friends but not at all less awesome :D They've been so nice to accept me into the group and making me feel comfortable. I really appreciate them all! :D But especially Maycey & Luhong & Cindy & Nigel for always being there for me! And Deborah for taking pictures for me HAHAHA.

Jeff! Because we've friends for... uh. Wow I forgot? 7 years and counting I think! Give or take a year haha. We don't spend that much time together nowadays due to our busy lives but he's ALWAYS there when I need him, and vice versa. Our strong bond hasn't faded one bit (:

Photobucket Lionel! Who represents my other friends as well hehe. Like Mindy & Eliz! I still consider ya'll my close friends because ya'll take a lot of my crap and I luv Lionel HAHAHAHA. My big small boy LOL.

Photobucket Escapade! Because I feel it really helped make a difference with my self consciousness on stage (:

All my other awesome friends! Ruth, Kenneth, Audrey, Zie and other awesome people who make me laugh! I love spending time with each of you and I really hope we can to spend more time together (: Especially Ruth, I MISS YOU RUTH!!!!

I've never been very good with resolutions but there are the things I really want to concentrate on.

  • Be more disciplined in terms of work & practice
  • Spend more time with family & friends
  • Decide on a major for Uni =/
  • Work on aaallll my terrible flaws such as... my quickness to assume. Big problem there
  • And the ever present... lose weight.

That doesn't look that unachievable! I CAN DO IT YES I CAN.

Well, I'm going to a post on the music blog in preparation for presentation for Perf. And haha, I just double tapped my spacebar to get a full stop -.- Stupid iPhone has cursed me.

....honestly the sentence was 'I just double tapped my iPhone to get a spacebar' HAHAHAHAH. Too sleepy. Okay I shall blog on the music blog tomorrow ok! Gotta pick out songs for 13th and get some rest for tomorrow's open house performance! COME SUPPORT. 1PM AT MAINSTAGE. WALK IN FROM DOVER MRT CAN SEE & HEAR ALREADY.

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