Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{sighing sigh}

Sigh. Oh sigh. Sigh sigh sigh. I've been sighing so much today. I actually named that above photo, sigh. Boy is in HK and he won't be back till Friday. I do miss him very much. ): I was tempted at one point to break into his house and steal his pillow. I MISS HIS SMELL. Haha? But no, I'm not dying without his presence. One year ago, maybe. It's the first time either of us has been overseas since we started dating actually. I am weak!

It's so depressing how technology has made it easier to argue from miles away. I didn't even think that was possible. Well, yes, I knew it was possible but I think it was possible for me. For us.

It's the Record Label auditions tomorrow. Damn, that sounds cool. It's a school record label lah, haha. #notsocool My 'resume' isn't done, I'm not satisfied with my portfolio. I'm not so certain that I'll get in as a singer... But I really hope I can make it in as a songwriter, at the very least. A few of the songs I'm presenting really mean a lot to me, and the rest were... juvenile attempts to be mature. Of course, there's Joe, the random song. I'm gonna sleep by 3am! I'm not that tired thanks to the loooong nap I took after the stayover at Lionel's with Zie.

Jealousy is so annoying, seriously. I don't need permission right? And it always makes me feel like I'm wrong when I'm not or that I'm right when I'm not. That was a weird sentence to type. Well, not really. I'm just babbling from stress now.


This cheered me up. Thanks Beth! And is it weird I think of Shafie hahahahahahahaha. Captain's ball yesterday was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really miss you so much SIGH )':

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