Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So busy trying to have a social life on top of assignments ): At least last week was more relaxed in terms of assignments, I'm cramming as much as I can into this week. I really don't think I can make the deadlines this time )''''''': I haven't even started on some of them! Dear lord. I am so definitely screwed.

I'll be back real soon everybody! If you ever miss me... You can always follow me on twitter ^^ (Shameless) I was planning on a reminisce, recollect, resolution post for the New Year but I suppose that will have to wait. I WILL do it though, it's always good to start a new year in a thoughtful, hopeful, grateful mood. And with a better work ethic. In the meantime...


Hope you all have a great time and be showered with many gifts and blessings and LOVE! Not necessarily in that order! Gifts aren't the most important unless they are gifts of blessings and LOVE (;

PS: RJ'S BACK! I'm thrilled. More than I should be haha!

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