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Jane Tiong/Jane Supyo


Before I start, she DID pay in the end. Basically she was very demanding, very unreasonable, and dragged and delayed a lot. Complete PAIN to deal with. (On an unprofessional note, like I care at this point, pretty stupid actually) I'm gonna type my whoooole story here because I'm SO pissed off. But you don't have to read it haha, I'm probably being a little unreasonable at this point.

If she's being a pure pain to you, you can ask me for her full number and/or address and on a case to case basis, may give it to you.
She commented on my post interested in 4 items. Confirmed for 3 via meet up. As it was a large amount, I asked for a deposit to be in first, then the rest upon meet up. She agreed. She told me when she transferred, she would let me know. I gave her three days (I have all the messages so I know) then texted again. She said she hadn't paid yet, but would do so at night. I texted her at night asking if she had, and she didn't reply. At this point I googled her email and noticed she had been previously blacklisted, but they didn't seem very serious.

At about 5pm the next day, I asked her if she had transferred and if she was planning to. And, I quote,
"I googled your email and found out you've been blacklisted, but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. But you're dragging and avoiding my messages."
Along with how, as a responsible buyer, she should at least tell me that she needs more time to pay, especially when you know you've already been blacklisted and you want to avoid any misunderstandings.

Of course, she replies INSTANTLY saying, oh
".... Just becos I don't reply for a day you think I deadbuyer, Just becoz the owner being ridculous you think I am a deadbuyer."
Please read carefully my dear, I wasn't saying that you ARE a deadbuyer. Just pointing out that you have been. Also, when I said that she happened to reply this message so fast, she told me she just woke up. I then told her I'm not accusing her of anything, simply stating that she needs to be more responsible.

To me, if buyers/sellers need more time to pay/mail its their responsibility to inform the person their dealing with. Even more so when they've been BLACKLISTED. Tell me I'm wrong! It makes sense to me!

She then said that I don't have to worry, when she transfers she will tell me. I told her I'm merely being cautious. But I'm quite sure she would have taken forever to deposit anyway. She finally did a $12 deposit and informed me she would let me know about the meet up. After a few days I asked her about the meet up. She wasn't at all accommodating, always not free or '6pm at Dover is too late'. I didn't want to seem that I'd run off with her money so every couple of days I'd text and ask. SHE never bothered to text me first. SHE never arranged ANYTHING. At one point the messages went like this:

(After talking to her the previous night about possibly meeting in town)
Me: So will you be in town today
Jane: Nope
M: Where will you be?
J: Woodlands
M: Tomorrow
J: Dk

Doesn't seem like she gives a fuck does she? After multiple discussions of meet up ALL initiated by me, I finally told her if she could pay me the balance by the next day, I'd give her FREE REGISTERED MAIL. She didn't reply. The next day (Thursday), I told her she had until Wednesday the next week to decide whether she wanted to pay then I mail for her, she pay then I meet her or pay on meet up or back out in which case I would definitely blacklist her. She, of course, didn't reply. On Friday I texted her asking if she got my messages. She said "Yes. You say by wednesday. Today is friday." I DON'T NEED TO KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS BITCH IT'S CALLED COMMON COURTESY TO REPLY!!!!!!!!!

M: Hi it's Wednesday!(;
J: Yeap
M: Have you decided?
J: Yes

OMG WHAT THE HELL MAN?! She decided on reg mail and so relieved, I said I'd sponsor half for her. (I'm a dumb bitch or what?!) She said she'd transfer by that night. In the end she dropped one piece (fine by me) and transferred the rest. (Hallelujah) This was about 12am. I told her I'd verify when I got home, and she told me to mail by the next day. I told her I couldn't because I'd be in school from 9am to 9pm but I'd try to get my mum to mail. Note, this is Wednesday night. Or rather Thursday morning. She said: I need it by Friday night.

Excuse me bitch?! You tell me this at 12am and expect me to mail it out the next fucking morning?!?! My life DOES NOT revolve around you! I gave her some timings I could do a quick meet up on Thursday and Friday. She told me P.O opens at 8am. I told her I have TRAVELLING TIME and P.O is not on the way to school. She said .....

No, she literally just said dot dot dot.

I then told her my mum was too busy with work to help out. She then asked me if I could meet at Bishan the next day (Thursday still). I gave her my times.  830am or 10pm, which, by the way, I stated earlier. Then she said:

"Lol. Previously you say mailing was more convenient who knows both also not."

HELLO?!?!? OF COURSE IT'S NOT CONVENIENT FOR ME WHEN YOU TELL ME THE FUCKING NIGHT BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very proud of this reply to her HAHAH.

"Excuse me? Im the one who kept initiating the meet ups. YOU are the one who couldn't do any of the times I stated. Why should I go to your convenience? And its WEDNESDAY. Im posting on FRIDAY. Thats ONE DAY diff. I'm not exactly delaying or dragging it out. Also, I gave you SO many days to pay up and give me your choice but you choose to tell me TODAY then demand I send it out by tomorrow. PLEASE. I'm not going to do anything to your convenience especially when it's out of my way."

She told me to stop capslocking at her. And that WOODLANDS was her convenience and she never asked me to go there. Dumb bitch, I meant that its not convenient for me to mail out for you the next day! She said she didn't DEMAND me. (Which, I concede, is true to an extent.) She ASKED me. Seriously? I have told you it's out of the fucking question and you still say you need it by Friday you need it by Friday. Seriously not my problem right? We kept arguing about how I can't mail it out and how she needs it by Friday. I had to keep shoving in her face the fact that she didn't give me enough notice to mail it out the next day. Anyway, I was really busy. Seriously was in school 9am to 9pm.

At this point, I was so fucking angry, I told her the deal was off and that I'd refund her. I wasn't desperate for the money. She said:

"Nah bishan ain't my convenience either. (In ref to the 830am & 10pm timings I gave her as SHE ASKED whether I could meet at bishan. Stupid little fuck) Your said your mom could help but now you said you doubt she can. (I told you she could TRY.) Lolz. Its not you're despo for the sale or what not. The fact is I need the shirt by this week. Which is friday cause sat and sun PO not working."

Haiya. I already told you. I CANNOT MAIL OUT ON THURSDAY. YOU HAD SO LONG TO TELL ME HOW THE FUCK IS IT MY PROBLEM THAT YOU NEED IT BY FRIDAY?! She then said if refund still can. I said SURE. Asked for her account details and told her I was blacklisting her.

"Blacklist me for? You now forcing me to wait until you free to take item. I already say I need it by friday -.- then now u say refun and blacklist."

So what?!?! I have to make myself free FOR YOU?! YOU NEED BY FRIDAY ITS NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM. Oh by the way, last time she said she didn't care that she's blacklisted, when I asked her about her other blacklistings (: She then asked me to ask my FRIENDS to help me mail for her. I don't bother my friends for you bitch. At this point I had reached home and went to check my account. It was about 1am. My account stated that last updated at 1130pm, so I told her that my account hadn't been updated and that I would check the next day and refund her when it was updated. Straightforward right? I also told her either I mail on Friday for her, meet me at times I stated previously or I refund you.

".... Hello I paid u already. Now you claim you didn't receive. I'm not as free as you think. I have apptments. Refund still must blacklist lolz."

Because you're such a pain to deal with!!!!!!! I took a photo of my account info for her, angling in such a way that she could see the last updated post, last updated account time and time on my comp. Unfortunately this blocked out the deposit column, so she replied: THAT'S WITHDRAWALS. She does have iBanking btw, so you should know both columns come together. I told her why it was at that angle. Then I took a screenshot, emailed it to myself, opened it on my phone and sent it to her. 2 MMS alr ok!!!!

After this she finally agreed to meet me at Bishan on Friday. I gave her two timings for Friday, 745am or 3pm.

J: Okok meet u there
M: Which timing
J: U gave 3pm
M: I gave you two timings I asked you to choose. 3pm at Bishan MRT on Friday see you there
J: I say friday.


So.... Friday, at 245pm I was happily on my way back to Bishan. I had some plans to meet my friends in town and then go to Dover to send my boyfriend to the doctors as he was terribly sick. Guess what, SHE OVERSLEPT. I told her I would be in Town for awhile and she could meet me there. She told me nvm just mail out at Town. Told her I would if I passed the PO if not would do it when I have the time. She said PO is just outside MRT. I told her Look, you're the one who overslept i'm the one who carried your stuff to school. Also told her I wasn't taking the bus there and that I'd be at Dover at 6pm also.

"You say you going town yet you not taking train. Now say dover, Ya wait until you have the time to mail. You ytd say you today go time to mail."

Never hear of bus issit? Taxi? Car? And yes, I DID but then you requested for meet up and now I have plans. And what, make myself free for you?! She told me just mail and everything will be over. I told her I will when I have the time, and 'Cant YOU just accept that instead of being so unreasonable?'

"Don't even have 5mins to mail. Wow."

Walau you think post office everywhere issit?! I have to go FIND ONE, GET THERE AND MAIL OUT FOR YOU?! Do you know how long that will take?! _I_I_I_I_I_I_I_

"And YOU can't wake up for a meet up at 3pm in the AFTERNOON. Please. I have people waiting for me. I have PLANS. I'm not near any PO and im not going to alter any plans for you just to go find a po and mail it out. it would take 5 min if i were at a po but IM NOT. trust me, if i were, I would gladly mail it out so i wouldn't have to communicate with you anymore. It would take more than 5min to find a po and get there. Why is this so hard for you to understand? I will do it when I have the time to. If you had arranged the damn meet up long time ago when I kept asking you, you would have got your items by now. Instead you drag and delay. It's not my fault. I will do it when I have time. Don't bother asking otherwise."

Finally finally finally she got it in her thick skull and asked when i could mail it out. Which is Monday. She said okay. And I, awesomely said, 'See! Was that so hard!' (;

Anyway, I don't usually wait until I'm free to mail it out. I try to make time to mail it out, especially if the buyer is nice and efficient and patient. But I really was completely swamped that week. But anyway, I don't care. Make her wait lorr.

And if you're wondering why my format and language changed on the way, it's because this was supposed to go on my sales blog but I changed my mind when I started getting pissed. LOL.

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