Saturday, October 29, 2011

{no words}

I've just come back from The Lion King musical, and I'm so depressed that it's over ): I've never felt so complete and yet incomplete at the same time. Don't get me wrong, it was AMAZING. FANTASTIC. THRILLING. ENTHRALLING. GRIPPING. SO MANY OTHER ADJECTIVES.

I can't describe it properly.

It's the last weekend of shows, and I FINALLY got the chance to watch it. I would have been the first in line, except I had no money and no one to go with): I really hope they extend it because needs to watch this! The score, the cast, the props. MY GOD THE PROPS. Fantastic stuff! So creative and yet simplistic.

The music was perfect. My DMAT Infused mind kept going "Oo textures! TRUMPETS! Is that a trombone? What instrument was that? Goodness, the harmony!" And then the strings would come on and I would die because I have a weakness for epic strings. I'll try to talk more about the music on my new music blog (: -looks at sidebar. The blog comes courtesy of a requirement for my Performance Module, but it's not just a performance blog. It will be my everything to do with music blog!

I don't want to talk about it so much because it was the most perfect experience and I don't want to lose it. Besides, there are no words. Really, no words. I cried so much, especially when it started because The Lion King means so much to me! It's one of my go to movies when I'm sad. I'll never get sick of it. And I love The Lion II: Return To Pride Rock a lot as well! I love Kiara (: The first one is better, all round, but number has some pretty decent songs.

And Mufasa's voice, both in the movie and in the musical. Deep, warm, sexy. Beautiful. James Earl Jones, you are perfection. As is Jean-luc Guizonne, the actor who played Mufasa in the stage version that I watched. Oh, sigh.

I want to cry about it again haha ):

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